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Key Practices

PBIS Key Practices

Before Hughes started implementing Tier 2 practices, Tier 1 practices had to be in place. These include:

School-wide positive expectations and behaviors are defined and taught

Rather than establishing specifically what not to do, Hughes staff members defined the behaviors and expectations they wanted to see, and then began teaching them. We continued using the three established expectations (i.e. Be safe, Be respectful, and Be responsible), because they're positively stated and easy to remember. These also aligned with creating the kind of positive school climate we wanted to create. If anyone on campus asks 10 random students to name the school-wide expectations, at least 80% of the time those students should be able to say what they are and give examples of what they look like in action.

For students to know the expectations, they must be taught. The PBIS leadership team decides how students learn the expected academic and social behaviors across various school settings.

Procedures for establishing classroom expectations and routines consistent with school-wide expectations

Since students spend the majority of their day within classroom settings, it's critical that the expectations in the classroom align with the broader school-wide systems. This consistency supports better behavioral outcomes for all students. Teachers explicitly teach behavior lessons and the school-wide expectations at the start of the year and reinforce the expectations with "booster" lessons after breaks throughout the school year.

Continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behavior

The PBIS leadership team determined how to acknowledge students positively for doing appropriate behaviors. Hughes had already adopted a token system in the form of Hammerhead Honors, which students are now able to redeem for prizes at the Hammerhead Shop every Friday morning, before school. In addition, Hughes staff members offer specific praise that's linked to school-wide expectations when students do what's expected across all school settings.

Procedures for encouraging school-family partnerships

The PBIS leadership team solicits stakeholders, including families and students, for input on Tier 1 foundations at least once a year. Our goal is to use this input to ensure that Tier 1 is culturally responsive and reflects the values of the local community.