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Foundational Systems

PBIS Foundational Systems

Tier 1 systems at Hughes serve as the foundation for building Tier 2 and (eventually) Tier 3. With school-wide systems in place, Hughes can identify which students require additional support more effectively. These Tier 1 foundational systems are:

PBIS Leadership Team (PLT)

The PBIS Leadership Team (PLT) establishes the systems and practices for Tier 1 support. This team is responsible for monitoring school-wide data, ensuring students receive equitable access to these supports, and evaluating the program's overall effectiveness.

Regular Meeting Routine, Schedule, and Structure

The PLT meets once a month to provide consistency with action planning and tracking progress. Meetings include an agenda, minutes, defined roles, and a current action plan.

On-Going Data-Based Monitoring, Evaluation, and Dissemination

The PBIS Leadership Team reviews and uses discipline data at least monthly to guide decisions, and we are currently exploring ways to include academic outcome data in our conversations. The team further reviews fidelity data to measure how closely the school implements the critical components of PBIS at Tier 1. Annually, the team evaluates the overall effectiveness of Tier 1 supports and is working on systems to share the results with stakeholders. Hughes staff sees school-wide data regularly and has the opportunity to provide input on Tier 1 foundations.