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All students at Kathryn Hughes enjoy a regularly scheduled library period. This is a time to develop library skills, hear a story, and check our books. In addition, the library is available for students and staff to use as a resource center for the classroom programs.

Library Rules
  • Be safe.
  • Be responsible.
  • Be respectful.

Library Catalog

Check the books available in our school library.

Hammerheads' Library Website

During the March 2020 Shelter in Place Ordinance, Ms. B worked on a Library Website for our school community. The website features read-alouds, information about authors, book reviews, activities, and more! There will be more added each week.

To access the website, you will need:

  • to use your school Chromebook
  • or to be logged into your Santa Clara Unified School District Google account (if you are using a different device)



Laurence Berbessou
Library Media Assistant

Laurence Berbessou

Your Public Libraries

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Online Encyclopedia

Storyline Online

Another cool way of reading a story to your child by famous artists.

Storyline Online